e:THE:REAL ZONE :: cinema in cibernetik space

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Two-part film programme, “e:THE:REAL ZONE :: cinema in cibernetik space” Friday 24th April

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We’re proud to announce – happening at CAC, Vilnius in Lithuania Friday 24th April, curated by Anti-Gravity Man, Stuart Heaney:

e:THE:REAL ZONE :: cinema in cibernetik space

This event is part of Danish curator, Lars Bang Larsen’s new exhibition t:h:e:r:e:a:l: after psychedelia

Here is the Lithuanian site.

Here is the programme:


Jordan Belson. ALLURES, 1961, 8 min.
Harry Smith. NO.11: MIRROR ANIMATIONS, 1960-79, 11 min.
Storm de Hirsch. PEYOTE QUEEN, 1965, 9 min.
John Gruenberger. INFLORESCENCE, 1971, 7 min.
John Stehura. CIBERNETIK 5.3, 1960-65, 8 min.


Jodie Mack. UNDERTONE OVERTURE, 2013, 10 min.
Stom Sogo. GUIDED BY VOICES, 2000, 10 min.
Ian Helliwell. MOLECULAR FEEDBACK, 2014, 3 min.
Simon Payne. IRIS OUT, 2008, 10 min.
Spatial. PRIMITIVES (PHASOR COUNT), 2015, 5 min.

Sally Goldings’ live cinema performance LIGHT AT THE END OF THE TUNNEL, 2014

Tickets for: 3,48 Eur / 2,32 Eur

Tickets reservation: egle@cac.lt


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Diary Workshop video now showing

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Greetings friends!

You may have noticed that we’ve not posted for a while and the reason for that is we’ve been working industriously on a new project. A diary filmmaking workshop with the great Jonas Mekas.

The aim of the project has been encouraging young aspiring filmmakers to connect with their own inner visions and the reality of their own lives. For this project we’ve produced a web resource, which can be found here. And a video diary of the workshop.

So this is just a brief posting to announce that, having now privately screened with the students’ work at the BFI and Chelsea College of Art, the diary film/video (made with a hybrid of 16mm film, HD video and separate sound recording device) of the diary film workshop with Jonas Mekas will be screening on a loop at London’s Serpentine Gallery from today.

It coincides with the launch of their new exhibition, Rosemary Trockel: A Cosmos, looking back at an outcome of the previous show.

The students’ work and the video will soon be available online at the diary film workshop website and via project partner websites. Check back soon for updates!


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Coming soon – our next event!

We have been asked by Regeneration Festival at West London’s Tabernacle to programme a 60 minute slot of short experimental film and video work exploring the influence of the psychedelic experience on film culture and moving image arts and vice versa. The original intention was to screen an abridged version of the 16mm film programme Solar Flares Burn For You. Instead, we’ve opted for a programme of film and video hybrids to stimulate discussion. The intention is to induce a cine-aesthetic experience somewhat akin to an altered state of consciousness – if not its own form of altered audiovisual state.

The programme, which will screen at 6-7pm on Sunday 18th November, before DJ Food takes the stage and after a DJ set by Mat Blackfuzz, will consist of:

  • a very rarely screened 1960s narrative film by the shadowy Dunstan Pereira that explores a middle-aged mental breakdown in Notting Hill (appropriately, the event’s location), that, like Chris Marker’s earlier La Jetee, is narrated entirely in still photographs, but uses extensive effects as the protagonists state alters;
  • a 1991 Jeff Keen (RIP) Super 8 and video hybrid that enacts the human psyche under warmongering news saturation;
  • some relatively recent short film-video hybrids with analogue electronic soundtracks composed using home made (and self-invented) instruments by Brighton’s own mad professor, Ian Helliwell (who will be present at the screening to discuss his work)
  • and will close with a rather magical 3D video experience constructed from light experiments using the now obsolete Kodachrome film stock by San Francisco’s Kerry Laitala.

Not only that, but the Anti-Gravity Man and Mariko themselves will play a DJ set the day before on Saturday 17th.

Here’s the poster – come join us and regenerate friends!


Tuscany single launch

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Salutations dear fellow seekers of the ultimate light cone!

My, how time flies! We’ve been so busy working with the Hackney Film Festival and other projects forthcoming (more on them very soon) that we’ve inadvertently neglected our duty to finally tell you all how it went at the Victor Talking machine single launch, back in May! But now is the right time – this Halloween saw the 3rd anniversary of the Chamber’s debut public appearance, at which VTM also played.

Well, what to say, except it went down a storm? We tried out some new techniques, for the first time in public, with hand-manipulated oils technique using an overhead projector (OHP). Take a look at this video of the band performing their debut single.

Tuscany from Stuart Heaney on Vimeo.

We didn’t have time to carry out extensive tests before the launch, as we would have liked, so the event itself was something of an experiment, but – hey – that’s what it’s all about isn’t it? The results were not as accomplished as we hope they’ll become (and the venue, Dalston, London’s Moustache Bar, is a very – shall we say – intimate basement space, hence there was limited room with which to pull back to widen out our projector beams), but it was a splendid opportunity to give the technique a try out. We’ve been spending many hours since then hand-mixing clear oils with special dyes, not to mention all the other experiments we’re carrying out with handmade slides, 16mm film and digital video and we continue to do so – so watch this space for further developments coming soon.

Stay switched on until we next tune in, friends!


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Dearest Beam Dreamers!

The Hackney Film Festival closed last night, quite literally with a bang!

At an open-air screening of Swandown with short films by Andrew Kotting and friends, at the Carlton Cafe in Hackney Wick, over the other side of the canal from the Olympic Stadium something magic-real happened. A beautifully chosen programme of shorts exploring the life of people on Britain’s waterways and the English channel, all leading neatly into the evening’s feature, a quasi-fictional documentary travelogue and river (rather than road) movie following Andrew Kotting and Iain Sinclair as they foolhardily put a swan-shaped molded plastic pedalo to sea in the English channel and attempt to pedal it all the way from Hastings to Hackney. An ethereal altered reality emerged from the screen, as everyday people’s strange eccentricities infiltrate the voyager’s journeys.

Steve McInerney in silhouette

As our erstwhile heroes journey culminates with Kotting alone trying to pass the Olympic enclosure by the canal at Hackney Wick (the audience agasp at seeing where they are appear on the screen), the firework display at the Paralympics closing ceremony burst into life…

Fireworks over Olympic stadium during screening

More to follow on this and other events during the festival – with video – soon.

Stay switched on until next time!


Expanded Upon

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Dear Beam Dreamers!

Just a quick post to say we’re very pleased to report that last night’s Expanded Cinema show at Dalston’s Cafe Oto was a great success!

The event was the Saturday night centrepiece of the Hackney Film Festival, comprising film and sound as a live art performance using multiple projectors. Hope you managed to join us, it was truly a night to remember. An electric atmosphere.

Lynn Loo performed A Study, a new piece that reconfigures previous works, transposing them into a frame-space enhanced by video. Guy Sherwin performed Cycles no.3, a piece he has been developing since the early ’70s and which interposes strobing circle and rectangle forms to induce afterimages in the audience’s perceptual experience. Sally Golding presented her own brand new piece, which like Lynn’s is a work in progress and used two 16mm projectors, and an oscilloscope to generate optically printed sounds and images.

Finally, Sculpture performed possibly their best live set to date and were rapturously received. See the picture below. More video and pictures to follow in subsequent posts

Sculpture live at Hackney Film Festival, Cafe Oto

Nevertheless, there’s yet more to come with an exciting open-air screening of Andrew Kotting and Iain Sinclair’s Olympian oddity odyssey, Swandown, to be held at the Carlton in Hackney Wick on the canalside opposite the Olympic Stadium, the very place where our erstwhile heroes journeys culminate. Please come, come, come for our special closing show.

Back very soon with much more to report – until then, stay switched on!


Hackney Film Festival this weekend!

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Coming this weekend! Hackney Film Festival, co-curated by the Anti-Gravity Chamber’s own Stuart Heaney!

After our Solar Flares Burn For You event last year clashed with HFF’s opening night of expanded cinema at Dalston’s Cafe Oto, we knew we had to join forces – so we did. The results will be seen at Cafe Oto this Saturday night, when we present an Evening of Expanded Cinema, as live cinema artists Lynn Loo, Guy Sherwin, Sally Golding and Sculpture invade the venue.

Not only that, the festival opens on Friday with a live A-V party, there are short film programmes in between and we close with an open air screening of Andrew Kotting and Iain Sinclair’s odd-ball odyssey across English waterways, Swandown – in Hackney Wick, opposite the Olympic stadium on the closing night of the Paralympics.

Co-directed with Festival Director Steven McInerney, here’s the trailer we made for the festival:

Hackney Film Festival 2012 from Hackney Film Festival on Vimeo.

Upcoming show at Hackney Film Festival!

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Salutations dear beam dreamers!

This is just a brief announcement to say that we shall be performing our next show, an expanded cinema piece in collaboration with Hackney Film Festival, at Cafe Oto on 8th September. It’s called Living Beneath the Rose Bush. We’re part of a programme of live film artists including Lynn Loo, Sally Golding, the great Guy Sherwin and the mind blowing Sculpture, who headline.

It’s gonna be an astounding light and sound experience, so please come and join the party!


Video and images to follow after the event.

Stay switched on until our next convergence!


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Homemade cosmic rays

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Greetings my fine feathered fellow freaks,

Of course, I realise I owe you a full appraisal of the projections at the Victor Talking Machine single launch, but there are further plans afoot where they are concerned, so we would prefer to hold off a little longer until we’re ready to return with the full story.

For now, I’d like to briefly tell you about a visit to London from the splendid Mr. Roger Beebe, who was over from Florida to teach a workshop in DIY contact printing and creating rayograms, a la the great Man Ray, on 16mm film, which I attended (at no.w.here lab in Bethnal Green) and had great fun at.

Roger specialises in some fantastically inventive multi-screen film creations, including Last Light of a Dying Star, an expanded cinema performance, which he later (on Tuesday 3rd July) performed at Unconscious Archives 5 (a regular programme of noisecore and expanded cinema curated by filmmaker James Holcombe of no.w.here and performance artist/filmmaker, Sally Golding) at Cafe Oto in Dalston, East London. The evening was headlined by the astonishing Sculpture – more about them in a later post (nudge-nudge, wink-wink). Here’s  a clip of one of Roger’s performances of his piece (not Tuesday’s):

Last Light of a Dying Star from Craig Coleman on Vimeo.

Some very useful and exciting skills were learned and  I can’t wait to put them in to practice and incorporate some astonishingly graphic and visceral, yet ethereal images into the Chamber’s image-stream using multiple 16mm projectors, alongside the usual oils and slides!

At the end of the day all the work was compiled on to one reel and projected for the group to view.

Here is a clip of the section I created. Blink and you’ll miss it (it’s about 3-4ft of 16mm film, which lasts about 12 seconds – 36 feet of 16mm film at 24 frames per second runs for a minute), but hey it takes time to create – put this down to a salutary experiment that will definitely be expanded upon as soon as possible.

no.w.here Roger Beebe Workshop, final projection, just my section from Stuart Heaney on Vimeo.

…and finally, here’s a clip of the same sequence slowed down to 50% speed (with enhanced satanic voices!) to allow for a closer look at what’s going on on-screen…

no.w.here Roger Beebe Workshop, final projection, just my section – 50% speed from Stuart Heaney on Vimeo.

Oh, and one more thing in closing – a recommendation! At the BFI Southbank on Thursday we attended the premiere of Nick Abrahams and Jeremy Deller’s new film about the mercurial brilliance of the immortal Bruce Lacey, entertainer, performer and artist extraordinaire. Then on Saturday we went to the launch of Lacey’s new retrospective art show at the Camden Arts Centre. Outstanding stuff, very much in the tradition of handmade yet wondrous works and happenings that we love to celebrate. Check out the BFI retrospective here. Here’s a trailer for the new DVD set from the BFI (featuring a booklet containing notes written by yours truly, I must declare):

Until we next converge – stay switched on…


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