We create live light shows, expanded cinema and lighting effects using hand-made techniques and hands-on technology.

Adaptable to multiple environments, including live music, performance art, club spaces or as a pure cinematic experience in itself, The Anti-Gravity Chamber performs projected multi-channel visual effects live, integrating vintage, optical equipment with 21st century digital tools to forge a hybrid of the antique and the modern.

Going beyond the single screen, our hands directly manipulate what you see projected on the walls around you. We mix and manipulate brightly coloured translucent oils; we manipulate the projectors live using 8mm & 16mm film, digital video and hand-made slides; we use lenses, mirrors and prisms to interfere with the beams of the projectors. All of this is done live, as a performance unique to that moment.

The Anti-Gravity Chamber’s first public performance was at the 2009 Acid Gallery Halloween Gathering at the infamous 17th century pub, the George Tavern in Whitechapel, London. The Chamber was initially inspired by a screening of pop collage films by the late artist Jeff Keen, who specialised in performing his expanded cinema pieces live using multiple projectors, and by Brion Gysin‘s experiments with stroboscopic light.

Since that phantasmagorical genesis the Chamber continues to expand its arsenal, developing additional elements with each new event.

Use the contact form on this website if you would like your event doused in a hypnotic neon glow.